The Team You Can Trust for Tube Laser Cutting

Tube laser cutting is an innovative technology with broad applications, useful in industries from aerospace to medical to commercial.

Acting as a high-speed saw, a laser cuts through reflective metals such as aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. At Wal-Tek, we use our fiber laser to cut through less common materials like brass and copper as well.

A tube laser can accurately and consistently create complex geometries on round, square, oval, and rectangular tubing. Our unique open shapes platform enables us to cut all open profiles, including angle, channel, or custom extruded profiles. 

Tube laser cutting is a growing industry, especially here in Arizona. Some customers might wonder why they should tap a full-service precision machine shop like Wal-Tek for their tubing projects over a tube supplier.  

There’s no denying that working with a tube supplier can be the most economical option. But “cheapest” doesn’t always mean “best,” and at Wal-Tek, we believe you get what you pay for.

Why Choose Wal-Tek for Tube Laser Cutting Services

Quality isn’t the only reason Wal-Tek is the team you can trust for your tubing projects. Here are four more reasons to get tube laser cutting services from Wal-Tek: 

1. A partner in engineering and DFM

Wal-Tek has a fully staffed engineering department dedicated to helping customers with Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

We partner with our customers early in the design process to ensure their parts function as intended. We can even provide end-to-end design services for customers who don’t have an engineering background or in-house engineering department. Our team’s robust knowledge of tube laser cutting services through the lens of DFM can save customers substantial time and money. 

For example, customers sometimes note sheet metal tolerances on a tubing project without realizing that tubing can warp easily, making it difficult to achieve precision tolerances and unique geometries. 

A tube supplier cranking out parts doesn’t usually have a comprehensive team of design and engineering experts to review drawings and red-line areas of concern. Most of these suppliers build to print, which may or may not result in functional parts. 

At Wal-Tek, we scrutinize every design that comes our way to confirm we can achieve our customers’ requirements. If we notice a tolerance or geometry that isn’t achievable with our lasers, we’ll seek alternative solutions, like updating the part design or employing other in-house capabilities.

2. Exceptional customer service

Wal-Tek is committed to exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team members proactively reach out to customers to ensure we understand their goals so that we can deliver the parts they need. 

While other shops “turn and burn” tube laser cut parts, our team knows that people are the core of all successful businesses. We pride ourselves on building solid partnerships with our customers. We are transparent in our communication and always keep customers updated on the status of their projects. 

3. Fast lead times

Most tube suppliers are constantly inundated with tube laser cutting work and tend to be backlogged by 8-10 weeks. Because of their business model, it’s best for them to take numerous jobs cutting short lengths of tubing so they can fulfill as many orders as possible.

At Wal-Tek, we provide sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining services in addition to tube laser cutting. We don’t need to overbook our tube laser cutting department to meet our revenue goals, so customers don’t have to wait as long for their tubing projects to be completed. Additionally, we stock tubes in 20’-24′ lengths to immediately accommodate most orders that come our way. 

4. Full-service manufacturing services

Often, tube laser cutting is just one piece of a larger manufacturing project. Many tube laser cut parts require welding, hardware insertion, or finishing treatments. 

While a tube supplier typically only handles the laser cutting portion of the project, Wal-Tek is equipped to manage the manufacturing process from start to finish

We have expert welders on staff with decades of experience. Additionally, we provide hardware insertion, assembly, and finishing services. 

Case Study: Tube Laser Cutting Ensures Efficiency and Accuracy in Consumer Sector 

Tube laser cutting is often used for complex parts in the aerospace and medical device industry, but it’s also an excellent manufacturing method for commercial projects and consumer goods involving parts typically cut by hand.

One of our recent projects was for a customer who makes patio furniture. Traditional sawing, grinding, and welding methods were too time-consuming, and the resulting delays created a 52-week backlog—and frequent order cancellations. Our customer realized that tube laser cutting was exponentially faster and more accurate than cutting the material manually, and they turned to Wal-Tek for help. In addition to accelerating their lead times through tube laser cutting, we were also able to expedite the welding and assembly process by creating locating tabs and holes in their parts. 

Are you curious about this capability? Watch what we can accomplish at Wal-Tek or drop by our shop in Tempe, Arizona. Better yet, book some time with Bryce Eddy and take a tour! We look forward to showing you what we can do.

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