Celebrating 25 Years as “The Team You Can Trust”

Here at Wal-Tek, we’re celebrating our 25th year in business and feeling grateful to our founding visionary and the greater Wal-Tek family, including you.

One hears the term “American Dream” so frequently that it’s easy to forget the concept represents real opportunities—and profound successes earned through hard work. 

And it’s rare to meet someone who embodies the spirit of the American Dream quite like Wal-Tek’s President and Founder, Joseph Walach.

Wal-Tek’s Founding Story

As a Polish refugee in the 1980s, Joseph Walach emigrated to the United States unable to speak English and with very little money. What he did have was a strong work ethic and plenty of grit. 

Determined to succeed in his new homeland, Joseph committed to learning English and creating a prosperous career. He first became a mechanic in Detroit and then moved to Phoenix, where he discovered precision machining.  

Machining fascinated Joseph; he felt compelled to learn everything he could about CNC machining services and spent his savings of $2,500 on the best computer available for CNC programming. By day worked for his employer, but he taught himself how to CNC program by night. He started by reverse engineering a part and developing a program to make it—and then reproduce it.

Joseph was naturally adept at programming, and others quickly noticed his skills. Soon he was working for his employer by day and for other clients on the side at night. The extra income helped support his young family. Still, it came with a downside: Joseph’s employer fired him for moonlighting as an independent CNC programmer.

Some people might have given up when handed their pink slip, but not Joseph. It lit a fire inside him and became the spark that ignited Wal-Tek Industries.

In 1997, Joseph founded Wal-Tek with just one CNC mill. Today, we have 30+ CNC machines and have expanded our capabilities beyond precision machining, adding custom sheet metal fabrication and tube laser cutting services.

Committed to Excellence at Our Core

A quarter of a century later, Wal-Tek employs more than 40 people at our headquarters in Phoenix. Every day we’re inspired to show up to our jobs with grit and determination to excel at precision machining and sheet metal fabrication, just like Joseph.

We live by four core values:

  1. Safety is our priority. We value the safety of our people and the end users who interact with our parts. Our AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications ensure that we conform to the highest possible quality standards while manufacturing your parts. At team meetings, we host a “Safety Minute” to share safety tips, and we leverage an established auditing and improvement process on the rare occasions when safety instances occur. 
  2. Teamwork is our advantage. Wal-Tek isn’t just a company; we’re also a tight-knit group of people who genuinely care about each other. Our team has grown organically, often with employees bringing their relatives on board. Collaboration is in our DNA, and we know we’re only as successful as our team is connected.
  3. Excellence is our commitment. We believe that our team creates opportunities for excellence by putting pride into their work and delivering superior results. It’s easy to cut corners in manufacturing, but it’s not the Wal-Tek Way. From quoting processes to production, we’re committed to excellence in all operations.
  4. Continuous improvement is our goal. The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, and we value learning something new every day. We host monthly voluntary training sessions, and while employees aren’t paid to attend, we have impressive attendance because our team is committed to continuous improvement. 

Wal-Tek’s growth and successes are credited in many ways to our founder, who set the bar for dedication and excellence, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our loyal customers.  

Thank You to Our Loyal Customers

In our early days, Wal-Tek worked on any projects we could get. From laser engraving to making precision machined parts for commercial hardware, our team gained experience and skills because customers took a chance on us. 

Over the years, many of our customers have become partners, pushing us to grow to meet their evolving needs. When they required more nuanced and sophisticated parts, they motivated us to elevate our operations. 

We wouldn’t be celebrating 25 years in business without your faith and trust. Thank you for being part of our legacy. 

We look forward to making you proud well into the future. If you’re ready to get started, request a quote today.

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